Lock Info

1.URL Lock

  • This is a password protected URL lock. Any visitor with the password can access the specific URL. Once a visitor enters the correct password, the app will not ask again to enter the password If the user accesses it from the same device/computer. Click Order Form and you will be asked to enter a password. Use "testurllock" as a password.

2. Collection Lock

  • This is a lock on the Chocolates collection which is only accessible to logged-in customers. All products inside the collection are hidden from search results as well. Try any of the listed users below to access this collection. Also, try to search its products after log in.

3. Product Lock

  • This lock allows customers tagged with 'wholesale' to view two products Blueberry Vanilla Symphony and Vanilla Cake. Both products are hidden from the catalog. They are not even visible in the search results for anyone without the 'wholesale' tag. Please login with wholesale.wpd@gmail.com since it is tagged with 'wholesale' to access these products.

Customer List :

1. Wholesale Customer

ID: wholesale.wpd@gmail.com

Password: wh0@wpd

2. VIP Customer

ID: vip.wpd@gmail.com

Password: v1p@wpd

3.Gold Customer

ID: gold.wpd123@gmail.com

Password: g0ld@wpd